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Dr. med. Ferdinand Huneke

Specialist in general medicine

In 1925, Ferdinand Huneke discovered the therapeutic possibilities of using local anesthetics and was thus the founder of neural therapy according to Huneke. In 1940, the method also underwent a significant enrichment when Ferdinand Huneke, MD, observed his first second phenomenon on a patient. Segmental therapy and the Huneke phenomenon were combined under the term "neural therapy according to Huneke". Together with his brother Dr. med. Walter Huneke, Dr. med. Ferdinand Huneke is considered the discoverer and developer of neural therapy.

Dr. med. Ferdinand Huneke wrote two books "Illness and Healing Seen Differently" and "The Seconds Phenomenon". Furthermore, he published numerous papers in medical journals.


Dr. med. Walter Huneke

Specialist in general medicine

Together with his brother Dr. med. Ferdinand Huneke, Dr. med. Walter Huneke developed the far-reaching healing possibilities of local anaesthetics with intravenous and targeted local application since 1925. The Huneke brothers summarized their experience with procaine therapy in a joint paper published in 1928 in the "Medical World" with the title "Unknown remote effects of local anaesthesia".

Dr. med. Walter Huneke wrote two books "Impletoltherapie" and "Rejuvenation through Novocain" and published numerous articles in medical journals. In recognition of his services, he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit I Class and the Hufeland Medal in 1967.

Huneke Original

Dr. med. Holger Huneke

Dr. med. Holger Huneke, Internal Medicine Specialist

Nach dem Medizinstudium an den Universitäten Basel, Freiburg, Wien und Düsseldorf mit anschließender Promotion übernahm er von seinem Vater Dr. Ferdinand Huneke 1975 die heutige Praxis in Düsseldorf – Golzheim. Dr. med. Holger Huneke ist außerdem Mitbegründer der Schmerzambulanz der Universität Düsseldorf. Zudem ist er Autor des medizinischen Nachschlagewerkes mit dem Titel „Wörterbuch der Neuraltherapie“ sowie zahlreicher wissenschaftlicher Veröffentlichungen in Fachzeitschriften.

For many years, Dr. Holger Huneke lectured and taught at conferences as well as academic institutions in Germany and abroad. From 2000 to 2006, he served as President of the International Medical Society for Neural Therapy as Developed by Huneke (Regulative Therapy Association) and subsequently was named Honorary President. Dr. Huneke also held a board seat in ZAEN (Central Association of Physicians for Naturopathic Treatments and Regulative Medicine) from 2009 to 2012.

Dr. Patrick & Dr. Alain Huneke

Patrick Huneke, MD, and Alain Huneke, MD, continue to run the practice in the 4th generation.




Dr. Patrick Huneke


Dr. Alain Huneke



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Discovery | 1925
Discovered Dr. Ferdinand Huneke and Dr. Walter Huneke the curative effect of procaine. Justification of the segmental therapy of neural therapy.
Discovery | 1940
Dr. Ferdinand Huneke discovered the so-called seconds phenomenon.
Foundation | 1950
Foundation of the practice with focus on neural therapy and naturopathy in Düsseldorf - Golzheim.
Foundation IGNH | 1958
Foundation of the International Medical Society for Neural Therapy according to Huneke (IGNH).
Takeover | 1975
Takeover of the practice in Düsseldorf - Golzheim from Dr. med. Holger Huneke.
Co-founder pain ambulance | 1990
Dr. med. Holger Huneke is co-founder of the pain ambulance at the University of Düsseldorf.
President | 2000-2006
Dr. med. Holger Huneke becomes President of the International Medical Society for Neural Therapy according to Huneke - Regulation Therapy e.V.; Honorary President since 2006.
Generation change | 2022
Dr. Patrick and Dr. Alain Huneke take over the practice in Düsseldorf - Golzheim in the 4th generation and expand the range of services.